Work From Home Call Center Jobs

When you hear about work from home call center jobs the thing that probably first comes to mind are those annoying telemarketers who call and interrupt your dinner. Yes, that is ONE type of call center job, but it is by no means the only one available. Some of these jobs are quite reputable and offer a very lucrative way of earning money while working from your home office.

One such phone position is of the customer service variety. People are hired to answer phone calls from customers who have questions or problems with a product a particular company is selling. These types of work from home call center jobs handle what is called in bound calls. This means that the customer is calling in. A call center job like this is high on the list of preferences for people who enjoy phone work. They aren’t disturbing anyone and the customers actually WANT to talk to representative.

If you’ve seen those infomercials on television offering certain products for sale, you’ll have noticed that they always say that operators are standing by to take your call. These operators usually have work from home call center jobs, and are answering your calls right from the comfort of their home office computer. Certain staffing companies handle the flood of calls coming in from people wishing to purchase the products from the infomercials. This, too, is another in bound call center job and is highly desirable.

The other side of this coin is the ones known as out bound call center jobs. People working these positions make calls for many reasons. One, of course, is to try to make someone a customer. Other types are out bound calls such as getting surveys, or verifying appointments for salesmen. Many of the work from home call center jobs are simply used to gather pertinent information.

Probably the least desirable of all the call center jobs are the ones involving what is known as cold calling. This is a sales job, period. You are either provided with a list of names and phone numbers, or you gather your own. Then you proceed to call the names on that list, identifying yourself and your product. Most of these jobs work from a pre-written script that you will use when you speak to the potential customer. The operators are usually paid by the hour or by commission, sometimes both.

If you enjoy being on the telephone and you’re great at dealing with people, work from home call center jobs may be something you may want to investigate. If it can also be performed at home, you may have found your perfect niche.